Career Opportunities:

Class Title: Distribution System Heavy Equipment Operator
Department: Water Distribution
Job Classification: Heavy Equipment Operator – Full Time
Selection Method: 100% Qual

General Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Performs skilled and unskilled manual labor in the connection and disconnection of consumer service.
  2. Operates and maintains construction equipment used in the department.
  3. Trains others in the operation and maintenance of equipment.
  4. Assists with construction, installation, maintenance, cleanliness and repair of water distribution systems and wastewater collection system.
  5. Assist with consumer complaints appropriately and files reports of work and other activities.
  6. Assists with proper flushing procedures.
  7. Cleans vehicle, equipment and tools as required.
  8. Detects malfunctions in any equipment and performs minor repairs. Recommends major repairs to supervisor.
  9. Insures compliance with safety standards at all times.
  10. Assists in department planning and others in all departments.
  11. Participates in service watch program. Must be able to respond to calls in emergency situations at all hours.

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The Water Distribution System begins at the Water Treatment Plant with water mains going out into the city and county to meters, hydrants, and water storage tanks. There are over 600 miles of main lines in the system and about 9,500 customers. We have six water storage tanks and five booster pump stations. Six large master meters measure the water that is sold to the surrounding counties and water districts.

The original Water Distribution System was installed in the 1930’s with many expansions since that time. Eleven employees in the Water Distribution department operate and maintain the system. This includes reading the 9,500 meters each month; installing new main lines and water meter services; repairing main line leaks, hydrants, pumps; collecting water samples for testing; and maintenance of water storage tanks. The system is a Class III distribution system. Seven employees are certified operators with licenses issued by the Kentucky Division of Water.

This department provides emergency service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Please call the emergency phone number, (270) 465-5591, whenever you suspect there is a problem with water lines. Our specialists can determine if the problem is in our lines or your own. We have personnel on-call at all times.

Contact Information

Griffin Hash, Supervisor

Address: 245 Roland Street
Campbellsville, KY 42718
Phone: 270-469-3636
Fax: 270-789-3693