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PUBLIC MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT: The Campbellsville Main Street program will hold a public meeting on Thursday, March 16, 2023 at 5:30 P.M. in the Campbellsville City Council Chambers located in the Campbellsville Civic Center, 205 North Columbia Avenue, Campbellsville, KY 42718. The purpose of the meeting is to get public opinion on what activities and improvements the general public would like to see developed in downtown Campbellsville.


County Judge Executive Barry Smith is preparing a executive order for County and City wide emergency for tree limb removal. We are asking everyone who has tree limbs and brush to carry them to the side of the street or road and companies will be coming by using chippers and equipment to dispose of the limbs. We will not be tearing yards up, so make sure you get them to the street or road edge. Thank you County Judge Barry Smith for partnering with the City of Campbellsville.

Mayor Dennis Benningfield


Update: March 4th 2023 at 9:47 A.M.

The raw water pump station power at Green River Lake has been restored and the water treatment plant has been restored. Water is now pumping. I still ask people to conserve for a little while so our tanks can get filled. I want to thank RECC and KU and our Public works department for their hard work to keeping our water back to the community.

I want to thank all of our emergency services and 911 for their professional service in helping people in this community. We are blessed to have these services.

Mayor Dennis Benningfield


In April the City of Campbellsville will renew its MS4 Permit with the KY Division of Water. We would like to invite all contractors, engineering firms and level 3 permit holders, that operate within the City limits to attend a luncheon.
The luncheon will be March 14th at 12pm in the Campbellsville Civic Center. The purpose of this luncheon will be to discuss the construction requirements of both level 1 and level 3 permits.


City of Campbellsville is inviting sealed bids on the following.
Department of Homeland Security/Homeland Security Grant Program Federal Funds
2022 Kentucky Homeland Security Grant 22-084
Emergency Medical Equipment Project


BID DUE DATE: March 10, 2023

New Career Opportunities:

Campbellsville Police Department is looking to recruit Police Officers. See the listing at:


Ordinance 22-07 – Food Truck Ordinance and Application can be found at:


Instructions and details are included in the downloadable packet.

Declaration of Domicile for purchase of residential utilities 

The Kentucky Department of Revenue recently released information on how local utilities
must apply the new amendments to the residential tax exemption, effective January 1, 2023. 
  • Campbellsville Water has always classified one meter per customer as their residential account. Any additional meter after the first residential, was classified as a commercial account and subsequently paid state tax. The new amendment allows exemption from the state tax on these additional meters, if any of the following occur: 
  • If a residential customer has multiple meters the first meter (residential meter) does not pay state tax. Any additional meter such as a garage, outbuilding, or irrigation on the same property may be exempt from state tax but only after a 51A380 Form has been
    completed and turned into our office.
  • Any vacant/vacation homes or businesses separate from the primary residence must
    pay state tax and are not exempt.
  • Any customer who has occupied rental property and hasn’t required the tenants to put services into their name can be exempt with the landlord and tenant filling out the proper documentation and turning into our office. This would be the landlord completing
    the Multi-Unit-Declaration, along with the tenant completing the individual
    tenant domicile form. It is the responsibility of the landlord to provide a new Declaration of Domicile to our office if a new resident begins using the same location as
    their place of residency.
  • Any customer who has a meter for farm use may fill out the 51A158 Farm Exemption Certificate. This would exempt the state tax for services at barns and other farm facilities. Per the Department of Revenue, the form must include your farm exemption
    number to complete exemption. 
Important to note Per the Department of Revenue: All customers who have one primary 
residence or meter, the law change does not affect at all. After extensive correspondence 
between our office and the Department of Revenue they do NOT require a declaration of 
domicile from all customers and there will be no penalty for not doing so. However, utilities are 
permitted to obtain those for their records at their own discretion. 
Forms may be obtained on the city’s website at www.campbellsville.us under the Government 
tab, Documents and Forms. Also, at the Kentucky Department of Revenue 
Contact info: Campbellsville Water 270-789-3133 or KY Department of Revenue 502-564-4581 
Single Family Form

Multiunit Form

Farm Exempt Form

Please download/ print the correct form to fill out and drop off to Kim Ford at the Water Company next to City Hall.

Or Download and fill out to send to kim.ford@campbellsville.us if feasible.


Please call 1-877-249-3470 to pay by telephone or visit https://www.campbellsvillewater.com