Fall Leaf Pickup

Each fall the Campbellsville Public Works Department provides free loose leaf pick-up service curbside. The pick up dates will be October 19th through December 1st 2020 Monday through Friday 7:00 AM- 3:00 PM

If you want your leaves collected please:

  • Pile leaves on the street surface near the gutter or edge of the road if no gutter. Please keep the gutter, ditches and street grates free of leaves.
  • Pile leaves so they do not block bike or traffic lanes.
  • Do not put leaves in plastic bags.
  • Debris such as branches, shrub pruning’s, rocks, metal, lawn clippings and leaves in plastic bags will not be picked up.


As a citizen it is my responsibility to

Rake loose leaves to the curb to be picked up during the dates provided. Take care not to block gutters, grates, other drainage facilities, or the street. Avoid parking vehicles in front of leaf piles, as this may interfere with equipment being able to reach your leaves. Monitor local media, or call City Hall (270) 465-7011 if you have questions on pick-up dates.