Light Up the Park

City of Campbellsville – Light Up the Park

The City of Campbellsville would like to invite all businesses, churches, groups and organizations to participate in this year’s Light up the Park! Please refer to the following for specifics, and spread the word! We look forward to hearing from all participants and appreciate your inclusions!

City of Campbellsville-Light Up The Park

The City of Campbellsville would like to invite you to participate in “Light Up the Park”. Please refer to the following when ordering and executing:

  1. Businesses will be responsible for purchasing and maintaining their own decoration. The City reserves the right to remove any decoration not properly maintained.
  2. Decorations MUST be Christmas oriented. Any questions regarding purchasing can be sent to
  3. The City will assign a grid for exact placement. Each business may have up to two 20’x20’ grids. The City will also allow 1 sign per grid with dimensions no larger than 2’x2’ in order to promote your business.
  4. The City will provide electricity and the cord for hookup.
  5. Businesses may begin placing the approved décor in its assigned grid on November 2nd and testing will be November 23rd. Businesses who do not place their décor by then will not be eligible.
  6. Lighting will be November 25th – January 4th. Businesses will have until January 18th, 2021 to remove décor from Miller Park. Décor remaining after the 18th will be discarded.

**The City of Campbellsville is not responsible for damages caused by weather conditions, vandalism or theft.**