Tony W. Young
Mayor of Campbellsville, Kentucky


Mayor Tony Young was elected Mayor of Campbellsville on November 2, 2010. He took office on January 1, 2011, becoming the 19th Mayor of Campbellsville.  He was subsequently elected to a second term on November 4, 2014.

Mayor Young served on the Campbellsville Independent School Board of Education for 18 years.  As chairman and vice-chairman, he worked closely with two superintendents during a period of growth for the district.  Numerous construction projects were initiated and completed during his tenure on the board.  He played a vital role in the implementation of technology by placing computers in every classroom, one of the first Kentucky school districts to make information technology available to every student.

As a lifelong resident, Mayor Young attended Campbellsville and Taylor County Public Schools and graduated from Campbellsville High School. He received an Associate in Arts in Business Management from Lindsey Wilson College while working at Fruit of the Loom. Young moved into management positions along the way and spent the last two of a 25 year career in international operations as the company moved its’ business operations to other countries to take advantage of the North American Fair Trade Act (NAFTA). Ultimately, Fruit of the Loom closed its’ doors to approximately 4000 employees in 1998 causing a critical downturn in the economic viability of the community for many years thereafter.

Young was one of the 4000 job losses. He returned to school where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Masters in Business Administration from Campbellsville University.  He went on to work another ten years with Louisville Bedding Company until they also reduced operations due to trade laws. During these years Young gained experience in personnel management, multi-million budgets and production efficiency processes all of which prepared him to successfully manage City operations.

When Mayor Young took office, he faced financial challenges that included overspending for assets and services, coupled with zero reserve money. Young took corrective action to solve the critical lack of permanent funding for Rescue, EMS, and E-911 which was about to shut its’ doors.  He called for a “lock in” City and County meeting, which would not be adjourned until a satisfactory funding solution was reached. This was a pivotal point that enabled financial security and ensured good stewardship of citizens’ trust and taxes.

Once the City and County government renewed their commitment to fund emergency services, the next step was to solve the organizational and administrative problems within the departments.  A merger was proposed to bring the groups together, Rescue services merged with Fire so EMS could focus on patient care. Fire in turn supported EMS by backing up EMS on calls.  The departments faced rising operating and personnel training costs and needed equipment upgrades. The allocation of manpower hours to cover needs was reevaluated.  While not a popular move, Mayor Young led a coalition of experts to plan out a restructure of Emergency Services. This restructure saved the taxpayers of Taylor County several hundred thousand dollars and returned over one hundred thousand dollars back to Taylor County Fiscal Court.

Mayor Young led several projects to beautify Campbellsville. They included sidewalk and crosswalk installations, beautification and alley restorations creating beautiful and serene common areas in downtown. It served as the impetus for new business investment and spawned events like Market Off Main.

Mayor Young addressed the overcrowded and aging Miller Park and Trace Creek Park issues.  Mayor Young directed the renovation of the tennis courts. He was instrumental in acquiring the purchase of property for future development of Campbellsville’s Sports Complex. The construction of the park is scheduled to begin in 2017.

In addition to park upgrades, a new recreational initiative called Trail Town was introduced. It consisted of miles of walking, bicycle riding and general exercise trails. In cooperation with a group of energetic bicycle enthusiasts, a network of trails were created within the close proximity of downtown Campbellsville, connecting parks and sidewalks across town.

The former Taylor County Library building, an 1889 structure, underwent renovation and restoration to become the Campbellsville Civic Center.  The building was formerly the Campbellsville Baptist Church and First Cumberland Presbyterian Church. It is home to the Campbellsville-Taylor County Chamber of Commerce, Campbellsville Community Ventures Corporation, Greater Campbellsville United, Campbellsville-Taylor County Habitat for Humanity, Downtown Campbellsville’s Main Street Organization and the Economic Development Authority of Campbellsville and Taylor County.  The City Council Meeting Chamber is now located in the Civic Center. The city saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by utilizing the experience and expertise of its own local city employees, as well as inmate labor and paid for all of the materials as it was used.

Under Mayor Young’s leadership of Campbellsville Water Company, numerous new water company projects were completed including the construction of three, one million gallon water tanks and the replacing of some of the oldest water lines in the City.  Mayor Young reached out to surrounding communities to increase the regionalization of the Water Company. This resulted in a long-term agreement to supply the City of Lebanon with drinking water.  The wastewater system became a growing concern as numerous overflows were occurring at various manholes in transmission lines and overflows at the wastewater treatment plant. The City faced the challenge of solving inflow and infiltration issues within the aging infrastructure. The issue had been a serious problem for many years and Mayor Young led the efforts to solve the issues and set into operation the restructure of the wastewater system.

Mayor Young will be known for how he used his experience and talents in efficient operations to accomplish many improvements, start new projects and reorganize departments to achieve the most productivity possible without additional cost to city residents.

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